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When it comes to quality and technology, there’s nothing classic about ’em. Basecoats and reducers—they’re all here, and only here will you find anything worthy of that picture you’ve got in your head.


No Strings White®
Raise the white flag and surrender to this powerful ivory Classikk. With its bright, clean intensity, you'll have no choice but to fall under the spell of its pure white magic.
Quart #62008905
Gallon #62008904
Quart #62009387
Gallon #62009382
It's always the quiet ones. This modest, but confident, Classikk definitely knows how to keep it cool, but watch out, this is one vanilla that isn't afraid to get a little dirty. With just one glimpse, it's clear without saying a word that it's not just white, it's white with a seductive wink.
Quart #62008927
Gallon #62008919
Quart #62009417
Gallon #62009416
No, it's not a mirage, it's exactly the color you're looking for. So, get ready to draw a line in the sand and send the message that when it comes to this beautiful light brown Classikk—life's a beach.
Quart #62008909
Gallon #62008903
Quart #62009391
Gallon #62009390
Magic Marshmallow™
An easy, breezy, laid-back vibe that feels handsome and edgy at the same time. This Classikk timeless tan hue looks sweet from every angle. You don’t have to be down with brown or okay with gray because this one is neither, but the perfect magical blend of both.
Quart #62010323
Gallon #62010332
Quart #62010336
Gallon #62010341
Deep Freeze™
Ever wonder what hell will look like when it finally freezes over? Get a cold, hard look at the iridescent blues and greens of this cool-as-ice Classikk that will be absolutely sure to send shivers down your spine.
Quart #62008940
Gallon #62008938
Quart #62009392
Gallon #62009401
Stone Cold Grey™
Whether you see it as a blend of green and grey, or a combination of grey and tan, or even grey and brown, one thing's for sure—sculpting a Modern Classikk® takes the vision of a true artist. Provide yourself with the proper clay to finish your masterpiece with this earthy take on natural beauty.
Quart #62008901
Gallon #62008902
Quart #62009385
Gallon #62009386
Sinister Slate™
Somewhere between right and wrong lies a grey area. This Classikk lets you live in a place where you can color outside the lines of conformity to create a look that shows the rest of the world you don't play by their rules—you make your own.
Quart #62008932
Gallon #62008931
Quart #62009408
Gallon #62009409
Under Slated™
This dark, steel-toned shade is proof that not everything is as simple as black and white. More than just a blast from the past, this timeless tone delivers a luster that’s impossible to ignore. It doesn’t need to jump out at you because it draws you in with a stylish air of mystery.
Quart #62010324
Gallon #62010319
Quart #62010337
Gallon #62010340
Black Hole Black®
A brand-new permanent marker. A starless night sky. A room with no windows and no lights. Fresh pavement. This Classikk is as black as all that, but blacker.
Quart #62008918
Gallon #62008917
Quart #62009402
Gallon #62009403
Killer Tomato®
Plain ol' red is dead. With the spicy ketchup color of this saucy Classikk, you'll be sure to knock 'em dead when you roll down the street fresh off this stunningly vivid vine. You'll be saying tomato, and everybody else won't be saying a word because they'll be absolutely speechless.
Quart #62008910
Gallon #62008908
Quart #62009412
Gallon #62009411
You can practically smell the fire and brimstone emanating from the fumes of this wicked Classikk. The devil is definitely in the details all throughout this stunningly seductive shade, so get ready to say no to regular red and say hello to this fiery hellish hue.
Quart #62008926
Gallon #62008920
Quart #62009395
Gallon #62009394
With its beautifully understated shade of darkened red, this is definitely an offering with enough octane to drive you absolutely insane. The feeling will be mutual when everyone else catches a glimpse of this completely crazy Classikk.
Quart #62008937
Gallon #62008933
Quart #62009398
Gallon #62009393
A cherry pie-in-the-sky red that cannot be ignored. Just the right amount of sassy and classy to make the ultimate sheet metal statement. Dripping with attitude, this new crimson Classikk will make any ride stand out from the candy apple crowd in an instant, for years to come.
Quart #62010328
Gallon #62010326
Quart #62010333
Gallon #62010344
Bad Blood™
It only takes a glimpse of this glamorous, shimmering shade to have you seeing red for days. With the perfect amount of sizzle meets sparkle, this crimson Classikk has the star power to turn heads at every stoplight. It’s a crime NOT to love this bold and beautiful color.
Quart #62010322
Gallon #62010331
Quart #62010335
Gallon #62010342
Quarterhorse Brown®
If you're looking for the odds-on favorite to win the hearts and minds of custom-color enthusiasts everywhere, it's more than a safe bet that this beautifully Classikk shade of mahogany brown will soon be crossing more finish lines than you can shake a paint stick at.
Quart #62008907
Gallon #62008900
Quart #62009389
Gallon #62009388
Not only can you feel the heat coming off of this smoldering Classikk, you can see it too. With its deep, rich, red and purple undertones and a subtle sheen, you'll definitely agree that this is one color that's never before been seen by the naked eye.
Quart #62009161
Gallon #62009160
Ruby Slippers®
You know the one with the house, the songs, the road, and the girl? Well, get ready to have more fun than a barrel of flying monkeys with this wicked take on a ruby red Technicolor Classikk that looks exactly like that sweet pair of slippers everybody and their sister wanted to get their hands on.
Quart #62008906
Gallon #62008899
Quart #62009418
Gallon #62009419
Angry Orange®
In a world of screaming engines, screeching tires, and all too frequently forgotten speed limits, there's at least one orange that can keep up. This one. So prepare for a full-on temper tantrum when this fast and furious Classikk initiates an all-out assault on your senses with all its raging glory.
Quart #62008939
Gallon #62008934
Autumn Inferno®
Don't even try sneaking this red, shimmering autumn sunrise past the rooster. This orange- and wine-soaked Classikk has an in-your-face attitude that will be sure to make the leaves on the trees fall off the whole year round.
Quart #62009426
Gallon #62009425
Brass Tacks™
Sometimes it takes some serious monkey business to make sure your ride is working it 24/7, and in this case, it takes gold paint and a shot of metallic flake. You'll have the right paint for the job with this Classikk beauty that is definitely putting in overtime with its bold take on deep liquid gold.
Quart #62009544
Gallon #62009546
Sweet and Sour®
Get ready to savor the flavor of a Modern Classikk with enough secret sauce to leave everybody who sees it hungry for more. When you dip your ride in these glistening gold, orange, and yellowish hues, your appetite for awesome will most certainly be satisfied.
Quart #62009551
Gallon #62009550
Poison Apple®
They say this is one bad-to-the-bone apple that can spoil your whole ride rotten with its wicked green and yellow undertones. A killer Classikk that gives you the green light to give everyone who lays eyes upon it a serious case of emerald envy. This is one apple that is definitely ready to bite back.
Quart #62009734
Gallon #62009733
Deep Forest™
Be that shimmering light up ahead in the distance with this grey from far away Classikk that looks like a deep shade of forest green when you get up close. Whether you're leaving them in the dust on dark desert highways or simply cruising over the river and through the woods to your grandma's house, you'll look great both coming and going.
Quart #62008912
Gallon #62008911
Quart #62009414
Gallon #62009415
Black Olive™
Black Olive brings flavor back to the menu. It’s black from afar and shines with a subtle green up close, inviting even the most discerning eyes in for a second helping.
Quart #62010327
Gallon #62010320
Deep Viridian™
A mystical, magical, shade of blue with the depth of a thousand emeralds. Is it more blue than green, or more green than blue? The world may never know because it can’t decide for itself. Either way this new blue Classikk will make onlookers green with envy everywhere it goes.
Quart #62010329
Gallon #62010330
Quart #62010334
Gallon #62010343
Teal Later®
This brilliantly Classikk shade of teal is exactly like that metallic blue bicycle you remember seeing as a kid; only this time, the bike's got 4 wheels and a supercharged V8. So get ready to make everyone within eyesight greenish blue with envy.
Quart #62008930
Gallon #62008928
Quart #62009428
Gallon #62009427
Veruca Violet®
This beauty may look pretty, but watch out, because it comes with a serious case of Classikk attitude. Sort of blue, sort of purple—this sassy shade is about to throw a visual tantrum that'll make complete strangers stop and stare.
Quart #62008914
Gallon #62008913
Quart #62009413
Gallon #62009410
Nostalgic Blue®
Do you ever find yourself wishing you could just go back to the good ol' days? With cool, dark, inky blue hues, this brand-new old-fashioned Classikk knows exactly how you feel and is ready to take you with it on a journey to the subtle tones of yesteryear.
Quart #62008924
Gallon #62008925
Quart #62009404
Gallon #62009405
If you're a firm believer that looks can kill, you'll definitely be cruisin' for a bruisin' with the wounded beauty of this tough as nails Classikk that's so perfectly black and blue it hurts.
Quart #62008921
Gallon #62008929
Quart #62009406
Gallon #62009407
Blue Suede Blue™
This one is ready to rock and roll. You can’t help but fall in love with mesmerizing Blue Suede Blue, the dark-as-midnight, silky-smooth blue hue to choose when you’re on the prowl for a vintage paint that will leave you feeling all shook up ‘til sunrise.
Quart #62010325
Gallon #62010321
Quart #62010338
Gallon #62010339
Cha Ching Silver®
Not all that glitters is gold. Get ready to be served up a Classikk on a silver platter when you hit the jackpot with the glittering, sparkly silver undertones of this shiny beauty.
Quart #62009163
Gallon #62009162
Quart #62009436
Gallon #62009435
Fully Leaded™
Darker than silver, but lighter than black, this chrome-plated Classikk will make every other precious metal–painted wannabe on the highway look like yesterday's leftovers wrapped up in their momma's tinfoil.
Quart #62008915
Gallon #62008916
Quart #62009397
Gallon #62009396
Keep the party going wherever you go, and celebrate in style with this effervescent Classikk. This energetic silvery cream is the perfect way to celebrate old flavors with a modern twist.
Quart #62008923
Gallon #62008922
Quart #62009400
Gallon #62009399


Premium reducer extra slow
Quart #562039
Gallon #562043
Premium reducer slow
Quart #562045
Gallon #562044
Premium reducer medium
Quart #562042
Gallon #562041
Premium reducer fast
Quart #562040
Gallon #562038


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